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Health Center

The Health Center of Korcula was founded in 1954 and until 1980 was located on Put Sv. Nikole in the center of Korcula town. Construction of the new Health Center began in 1976 on the bay of Kalac and in 1980 the Health Center moved to its present location.

Because the nearest large medical facilities of Dubrovnik Hospital and Split Clinical Hospital are 130 km and 250 km away respectively, it has been necessary for the Korcula Health Center to develop specialist-advisory health care programs in addition to primary health care programs. The aim of the Korcula Health Center is to provide higher quality health services to the people residing in Korcula town, on Korcula Island and on the Peljesac peninsula.

Currently the Health Center has companion centers in Smokvica and in the Peljesac peninsula places of Orebic, Kuna and Trpanj.


A wide range of services are provided through the main Health Center and companion centers. There are eleven family health medical teams, five dental medicine teams and two dental laboratories, two internal medicine practices, one urology practice, one gynaeco logical practice, one pediatric practice, one psychiatric and neurological practice, and one physical medicine and rehabilitation practice. There are both a medical and biochemical laboratory, a cytology laboratory, an X-ray laboratory and a hemodialysis ward large enough to accommodate 12 patients. In addition, visitor health serivces and medical transportation services are available. Finally, a medically equipped helicopter provides emergency transportation of patients to Split. The helipad is located only 500 m from the Korcula Health Center.

Prikaži Dom zdravlja Korčula na većoj karti

The Public Health Institute of the Dubrovnik-Neretva District maintains an office in the Korcula Health Center. This office oversees a school health practice, hygenic/epidemiological services, and a microbiological laboratory. In addition this office is responsible for the organization and co-ordination of emergency health services through the District Institute for Emergency. Doctors are on duty in Korcula and Orebic with stand-by service provided for peninsula places of Kuna, Trpanj and Janjina.

A branch insurance office of the Croatian Public Health Institute is also located in the Korcula Health Center.


The emphasis on staff education and the development of specialist-advisory health care made it possible for the Korcula Health Center to function as a war hospital during the recent Croatian War of Independence. The hospital provided care for military and civilian casualties from the Southern area battlefields. Local health care professionals were joined by specialists from the Split Clinical Hospital during this demanding time. When Dubrovnik was liberated in 1992 the war hospital ceased working.

For their contributions to the Croatian War of Independence the Health Center and its employees were recognized collectively by the town of Korcula with a Life Achievement Award in 1998.